It’s something you do every morning, part of your daily routine—brush your teeth. While most people take care of their own mouths, they often forget that they also should take care of their pet’s teeth through a regular dental health care regimen.

Veterinary medical dental care is an essential component of preventative healthcare plan. Quality dental care is necessary to provide optimum health and quality of life. Diseases of the oral cavity are painful and can contribute to other local or systemic disease. If untreated dental infection can spread to the heart, kidneys and other organs, and suddenly become life threatening.

While regular dental checkups are essential to help maintain your pet’s dental health, there are a number of signs that dental disease has already started.

  • Red swollen gums and brownish teeth.
  • Bad breath—Most pets have breath that is less than fresh, but if it becomes truly repugnant, similar to the smell of a rotten egg, it’s a sign that periodontal disease has already started.
  • Bleeding from the mouth.
  • requent pawing or rubbing at the face and/or mouth.
  • Reluctance to eat hard foods—for example, picking it up and then spitting it out.

If you notice any of the symptoms above, call and make an appointment with us immediately:

Watch these videos below why caring for your pet's teeth is so important:

Click here: Pets Need Dental Care Too! video

Click here: Periodontal Disease video

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