Meet Our Doctors

  • Dr. Mark A. Ayers

    Dr. Mark A. Ayers is the owner and founder of Ayers Animal Hospital, Inc.  Dr. Ayers graduated from West Virginia University with high honors and with a BS degree in animal science.  He is a 1979 graduate of Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Ayers founded Ayers Animal Hospital, Inc., after purchasing the practice of Dr. Harry 'Bert' Willet in 1983.   Dr. Ayers decided at the young age of 6 that he wanted to become a veterinarian.  His family was always surrounded by animals of all types.  His family owned everything from milk cows, pigs and chickens to work horses, which his family used to plow the family gardens.  Dr. Ayers always had a dog or two that he hiked with and were his pals following him on his bicycle or as he rode his horse through the back roads near his home.   Dr. Ayers has always had a keen interest in both human and animal medicine, and from a young age he loved the sciences.  One of his most treasured Christmas presents was a microscope for which his mom and dad sacrificed to purchase for him.  Because of his love of people, animals and science, he has devoted his entire academic career and life to veterinary medicine.  Even now after 34 years of private practice, Dr. Ayers still loves his profession as much as ever.  He strives to stay abreast with the latest developments in his field. He has maintained a keen interest in dermatology, internal medicine, cardiology, ultrasonography, surgery and radiology.    What began as a solo practice has grown over the past years to a busy four-person practice.  Dr. Ayers recently created a new addition to the current hospital providing more parking, more exam rooms and a much larger reception area.    Dr. Ayers has been married to his wife Judy, for 34 years and has three children; Diana, Jeremy and Charity.  Dr. Ayers and Judy currently share their home with their dog, Teddy Bear and provide  doggie daycare for Charity's dog, Bentley.   They sadly miss their cat Cuddles,  which shared their home for 15 years and Simba their Golden Retrevier of 13 years.  Dr. Ayers is also an ordained minister and is the pastor of the New Hope Worship Center, Nitro,West Virginia. 

  • Dr. Candie M. Baker

    Dr. Candie M. Baker joined the team at Ayers Animal Hospital in January of 2009.   Dr.  Baker went to Morehead State University for Pre-Vet and is a 1993 graduate of Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine.  Dr. Baker’s dream growing up on a 200 acre farm in Olive Hill, Kentucky,  was to be a veterinarian.  Having grown up on the farm, she was always involved with animals including; cows, chickens, riding and working with horses, barn cats, and several beloved canine companions.  She first learned to ride a horse by riding on the back of a plow horse while her dad plowed the farm crops.  Dr. Baker always had at least one horse growing up and loved riding and training them.  Her love for horses still continues today.

    Dr. Baker has been practicing for 23 years and has experience in large animals, emergency medicine, surgery, and preventative care for companion animals and exotics. She, like Dr. Mark Ayers, strives to stay current on all the latest developments in the field. Dr. Baker has a real passion for companion animal orthopedic surgery, soft tissue surgery, internal medicine, radiology, and preventive care. She also recently added endoscopy to her list of skills.

    Dr. Baker is an active member of The First Christian Church in her hometown of Olive Hill, Kentucky,  where she lives on a small farm and takes care of her dad.  She has one dog, a 10 year old hound mix, 'Belle',  one inside cat, “Binky' and 4 outside farm cats. 

  • Dr. Amber B. Lilly

    Dr. Amber B. Lilly was born and raised in Huntington, West Virginia.  Dr. Lilly graduated summa cum laude from Marshall University with a BS degree in Biology in 2006.  She received her doctorate from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 2010 and then moved back to the tri-state area to be near family.  She is licensed in both West Virginia and Kentucky.  Dr. Lilly began working as a full-time associate at Ayers Animal Hospital in 2011. She is thankful to serve her hometown community and feels blessed to work with knowledgeable and caring coworkers.  Her interests include internal medicine, ophthalmology, dermatology, ultrasonography, radiology, and preventative care. In her spare time, Dr. Lilly enjoys Marshall University sporting events and spending time with her husband and 3 children. 

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